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Nubra is a company that provides unique hi-tech and gadgets to the emerging market. With almost a decade of knowledge in the information and communication technology industry and operational focus in various countries, we provide you with great selections of products and services and deliver each market with unique products that suits the customers of that market. 

At Nubra we love technology and you can see that in everything we do. We believe with technology humans can have great entertainment, improved happy moments, simpler life and even healthier living. At the same time delivered with even more beautifully designed products with better functions.  We believe that not just the interior of a product that makes a technology great, but also the external beauty and design craft. That’s why we have carefully selected, beautiful and great products to make your everyday living even more fun, simpler and healthier. We believe one day with technology we can all live happier, longer and disease free. Together we can change the world one step at a time. 

It is in our DNA to support one another and people around us and as our nature we extend that as a promise to our customers to always provide them with an unmatched support and knowledgeable advice for their technology needs. On top of that we strive to provide our customers with the best selection of technology products out there that you may not even know exist. With that our customers can be rest assured once they come to Nubra they shall see what is the current or next big thing in the hi-tech space. 

With the Nubra Store, customers in the emerging markets can now truly have online shopping experience and customer support comparable to anywhere in the world. You the customer mean everything to us and we are excited to serve you and provide you with the best possible. This is also another pledge of ours to our customers. And we are always happy to receive feedback from you on your good or bad experience if any or anything else you want to give us feedback or suggestions on. 


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